Nurturing Natural Sleep

We blend soothing meditative sleep stories and science-backed sleep training devices to gently guide your little ones into a world of peaceful sleep and help them learn when it's time to wake.

The Zeepy Sleep Trainer Clock

Discover Slumber & Kip, Zeepy's Sleep Trainer Clocks. Each sleep training clock is a gateway to dreamland for your little one. Unlike traditional sleep trainers like the GroClock, which uses blue light, Zeepy's clocks use amber light, known for its gentle, sleep-promoting qualities that won't disrupt your child's natural sleep cycle.

Zeepy Sleep Podcast for Kids

Zeepy Sleep Podcast for Kids is a magical bedtime journey following Kip the Cat and Slumber the Sloth on their adventures to dreamland.

The podcast blends enchanting stories with gentle guided meditations to lull young listeners into a peaceful sleep. Each episode, filled with whimsical narratives and soothing soundscapes, is designed to create a tranquil bedtime atmosphere, aiding in relaxation and sweet dreams for children.

Zeepy Sleep Podcast Benefits:

  • Fosters Emotional Well-being: Encourages empathy and understanding through Kip & Slumber's reflections on their day.
  • Stimulates Imagination: Explores a magical world, balancing excitement with relaxation.
  • Promotes Relaxation: Introduces guided meditation and calming soundscapes for a peaceful sleep.
  • Teaches Kindness: Imparts values through interactions with familiar characters.
  • Aids in Sleep Readiness: Uses soothing narration and breathing cues for a tranquil transition to sleep.